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Serving the Serious Alaska Hunter Since 1990

APGS is the premier Alaska guide and outfitting service for hunting Alaska Moose, Brown Bear / Grizzly, Black Bear, Wolf, Caribou and Wolverine. We provide world class fishing guide and outfitting services for King Salmon, Red Salmon, Silver Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling, Dolly Varden, Char, Giant Northern Pike, and Sheefish. We also offer excellent wilderness Photography trips.

The name Alaska “Private” Guide Service was chosen to reflect the individual attention, care and concern given to each and every client even though we are one of the larger service providers. We make sure that we can provide the trip you want based on your desires and abilities before you book your trip. And, we address any concerns you may have during the trip. APGS did not start out big and well financed from inexperienced outsiders as many operators heve done and continue to do. Instead, we grew steadily as equipment, guides and experience allowed.

Our operation’s size is unique and delivers advantages to you that most other operators do not have. A short list of advantages would include: 1 Master Guide, 3 Registered Guides, 12 Class A and Assistant Guides that have work with APGS an average of 7 years. We have huge and excellent operating areas utilizing multiple adjacent Guide Use Areas. Equipment includes 2 Planes, 17 prop or jet boats, 7 snow machines, multiple Base Camps professionally and comfortably equipped along with substantial portable spike camps to use when needed. Oatmeal and freeze dried are not a food staple and seldom seen or used in our camps. On most of our trips all you’ll need to bring is your hunting gear and weapon.

We have tried to answer all your questions in detail, and, in an easy to read format. Please take the time to read the information before you contact me. By then, you will know that you have found someone you can work with and trust. An operation with very experienced guides that care; and logistical capabilities that increase success with out sacrificing comfort. If you still have questions, or you see a mistake or discrepancy, please call or e-mail me.

Enjoy the excellence of experience and let us make your Alaska Hunting , Fishing and Photography dreams come true.

Smokey Don Duncan, Owner, Master Guide #136 and P.H.
Tom O'Connor Registered Guide #1204 and Pilot
Don E. Young Registered Guide #1205
Wayne Gregory A.G., Fishing and Waterfowl Guide
299 Alvin St. Fairbanks AK 99712
Phone: 907-457-8318 Email:

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